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It’s that magical time of year where you may indulge in Holiday parties, reconnect with loved ones, and begin to reflect on the year that was.  You are days away from setting your new year’s resolutions.  After all, you want to start 2018 off on the right foot, right?  Before you do that, I want you to consider some work-life resolutions in addition to those that center around losing weight, saving money, and taking that dream vacation.  Here they are.  In in 2018 I want you to consider these four resolutons:

  1. SPEND MORE!  That’s right, don’t save it; spend it!  If you think I am talking about money, then you are wrong.  I am talking about spending more TIME on whatever you value most.  If that value is family, spend more time with them.  If you feel like you don’t have enough time for a hobby, spend your time there!  Success with time (as it is with money) is most effective if you tell it where to go.  It’s as simple as conducting a simple analysis of time spent, finding the deficiencies, and making a change.  Not sure how to do that?  Click HERE to get my simple time analysis activity worksheet.
  2. INCREASE YOUR INVESTMENTS!  Buy low, sell high right?  Luckily you aren’t going to get stock advice from me.  2018 is the year you should consider investing more in yourself.  My recommendation is to invest in personal development that helps you build a skill set you want to strengthen.  This could be professional in nature such as getting strengths coaching or personal as in hiring a personal trainer.  There are countess possibilities but the most important part is to do it.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot but it does have to grow and stretch you.

  1. TREAT YOURSELF!  You are awesome.  Do something to celebrate this past year and excite you for the new year.  You’ve worked hard. Acknowledge it.  Reward it.  I know I did by getting this vintage A-Team Lunch box!  I pity the fool who don’t like the A-Team.
  1. TALK TO YOURSELF (and others)!  The work-life journey is personal and you cannot find direction if you are not consistently speaking with yourself (or your inner voice, your inner self, or in my case, Daryl).  Reflect on whether your work and your life domains are harmonious.  If they are, great!  Who can you talk to share your secrets and help?  If not, talk to someone who can help gain perspective.   Remember, I am always available for a free forty-minute work life focus session.   Just fill out this form.

It’s time to to put your work-life on your resolution radar so that you can travel in a direction that is fulfilling and fun.



Dr. Paul Artale is a motivational speaker, author, and organizational coach who helps organizations create high performance culture through understanding employee needs and leveraging their strengths.  

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