Public Speaker Training


Unleash Your Message: How YOU Can Be a Powerful Public Speaker (Keynote)
 Do you dread speaking in front of a crowd?  Does putting together a presentation seem like a punishment rather than an opportunity?  Are you looking for ways to become a more complete presenter? Unleash Your Message will cover the basic tips, tricks, and drills that can elevate your public speaking skills.  Learn how to make your message come to life and stick in the audience’s mind in a light-hearted format.  You will learn:

*How to find your core message and construct a speech around it

*Effective ways to begin and end any presentation

*3 key strategies to make your presentations memorable



Storytelling Success! (Keynote or Seminar)

Do you want to breathe life into your presentations?  Storytelling is a tradition that is engrained into human nature.  Before there was a written word, we told stories to entertain ourselves and pass along information.  Stories remain just as powerful to convey messages today as they ever have. Even the most technical of presentations can benefit from the use of a well placed AND well told story.  Show, Don’t Tell teaches you the fundamentals of storytelling in away that is engaging and simple to use. You will learn:
*The basic plot elements of all stories
*How to find stories to enhance your presentations
*How to bring stories to life
*3 techniques to make stories relatable to your audience



Public Speaking: The Training Camp(Workshop)

Paul returns to his football coaching roots (tackling drills are optional) in this 2, 3, or 4 hour workshop.  Take the first steps in improving you speaking by learning speech mechanics, performance strategies, and by participating in activities that will make your presentations stronger and more dynamic.  In addition, Public Speaking: The Training Camp provides you with multiple opportunities to take the stage and get live coaching.

You will learn:

*A simple and tested formula for writing any type of speech/presentation

*How to add your personal style to any presentation

*Practical strategies for overcoming stage-fright and nerves

*How to engage with any audience

*How visual aids can aids can strengthen your talks

*Effective ways to begin and end any presentation

*The art of rehearsing

*Daily drills and exercises that will improve your speaking practice

*Paul’s “Ten Commandments of Public Speaking”

*A full day Training Camp is also available


Show, Don’t Tell! Using Visual Aids in Business Presentations(Keynote or Seminar).

Are you tired of “Death by Power Point?” Do you struggle with finding a balance between presenting data and being an effective presenter? Do you want to learn about ways to integrate technology into your talks?  Audiences remember images and visuals far better than they do statistics and facts. Show, Don’t Tell! teaches you how to create presentations that are impactful and memorable by using visual aids.  Whether it’s spicing up Power Point Slides, perfecting Prezi, or applying apps, this seminar will show you practical strategies for visually enhancing your presentation.  Click HERE for a quick visual aids tip.

You will learn:

*How to incorporate visual aids into your presentation

*The importance of visual storytelling

*3 Fundamental Tips for PowerPoint success

*5 FREE apps you can use to engage the audience