HIT HARD!  3 Steps to Maximizing Opportunity and Achieving Success!  “Hit Hard!” are the two words that have allowed me to overcome any challenge set before me.  During this talk I use my experiences as a “disabled”  semi-pro and collegiate football player as a basis to share the 3 most important lessons I learned about seizing opportunity and achieving success in life.  These are the lessons I learned that have helped me succeed once my time on the field was done.  The Hit Hard philosophy has been instrumental in my accomplishments off the field including a career coaching College football (and being an all-star Coach at the NAIA all-star game), making the final 89 out of over 30,000 contestants at the World Championship of Public Speaking, and receiving recognition for my work-life research.    During this talk participants will learn:

  • How to break negative thought patterns and overcome imposter syndrome
  • 3 Steps to Maximizing Opportunity and Achieving Success
  • The 1 daily habit critical to achieving your goal

Fight for It: How to Take Control of Your Work-Life Balance and (RE)Design Your Life

Call me an eternal optimist but I know that crafting the life you want is possible.  Now, I know naysayers and skeptics will tell you that work-life balance is little more than a myth.  Others will say work-life is either a fluffy term used to promote yoga and meditation programs or a gateway into get-rich quick schemes.

The truth is finding work-life happiness and balance is not just possible it is often within your grasp. All you need to do are two things: Design it and fight for it.  During this powerful keynote Paul Artale will discuss his life, his emerging research, and more importantly how you can fight for the life you want.   Participants will:

  • Understand what work-life balance means for them
  • Learn 3 key strategies to help move you along on your work-life journey
  • Learn how to develop their work-life intelligence.
  • Begin designing their work-life blueprint

Pauls_Spork 1

The Spork Principle: 3 Techniques for Becoming a High Impact Work-Life Manager


Being a manager is tough.   You have to handle pressure from those you supervise as well as those who you are accountable to.  Because of this you have to get a handle on your work-life to avoid burnout.   As a manager, you have a direct impact on the work-life of employees as you are often the gatekeeper when asked for multiple arrangements.  During this talk, I will share with you the 3 key principles you will need to manage yourself and others.  Like budgeting, conflicting resolution, and staff training, work-life Balance is a leadership skill you need to be help create dynamic teams, increase job satisfaction, and keep your sanity.   During this session you will learn:

  1. 3 key principles to managing yourself.
  2. The 1 work-life habit you must engage in.
  3. How to avoid spillover between your personal and professional lives.


Create Your Plate:  Using Work-Life Flexstyles to Create the Life You Want 

 Do you feel like your professional life and personal life are always fighting with each other?  Is taking time for yourself something that is on your to-do list but rarely ever gets crossed off?  If so you are like millions of Americans trying to balance the different aspects of their lives.  Doing this can be difficult but there is good news: achieving work-life balance can be done!  During this presentation participants will:

  • Define work-life balance, work-life flexstyles and some key concepts around it
  • Understand key research that shows how work life flexstyles can impact employee satisfaction and retention
  • Discover their own work-life flexstyle and how it interacts with other flexstyles
  • Learn practical strategies (for both managers and employees) that will enhance work-life balance in the workplace

In an era where demographics and dynamics are changing, a presentation like this is essential in helping organizations and employees improve their lives.   By understanding positive work-life initiatives, organizations can:

  • Increase employee retention (and thus decrease costly employee turnover)
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase company loyalty
  • Increase morale
  • Decrease health issues related to work-based stress and exhaustion.

With results like that, you can’t afford NOT to view this presentation.  To get a taste of Paul’s thoughts on work-life balance and leadership visit the blog page.

YOU at Work:  4 Questions to Help You Understand Workplace Identity

Who are you?  What do you want your professional identity to be?  How does that identity interact with the other parts of your work-life.  As someone who has a physical (dis)ability I struggled with this very question given that what people saw on the outside didn’t align with the identities I felt were dominant in me.   During this workshop I ask 4 simple questions to help you dive deeper into your work persona and how your different identities (hidden/visible, dominant/dormant) impact you and people’s perceptions of you.  During this workshop you will learn:

  1. Social constructs of identity
  2. What intersectionality is and how it applies to you
  3. What questions you need to answer about your digital identity
  4. What to be aware of regarding their identity on the workplace