“H.I.T.T. Hard: Overcoming Adversity in Life.”  Two words that have allowed me to overcome any challenge set before me.  Using my experiences in semi-pro and collegiate football as a framework, my challenges will inspire you to be more and do more in life.    Click here to view clips from this award winning speech.  Download the H.I.T.T. Hard onesheet or view it below.


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Being Superman: The Journey and Privilege of (Dis)Ability.

Born with shortened forearms and missing fingers, Paul Artale dreamed of playing college football.  Although he was cut from his high school team, 6 years later Paul found himself playing defensive end for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues.  During this presentation Paul will infuse his life story of overcoming challenges both on and off the football field with practical knowledge relating to ability, inclusion, and resilience.  Specifically, participants will:


  1. Learn the 3 key strategies in building resilience in their own lives.
  2. Learn the key tenants of Gibson’s Disability Identity Theory Model
  3. Understand and identify microagressions and how to combat them
  4. Define and understand intersectionality both broadly and on a personal level
  5. Create action steps to be more inclusive in their practice


The lessons you will learn from Paul will expand your view of inclusion, ability, and provide you with the tools necessary to overcome challenges in your endeavors.



From the Scale to the Plate:  Understanding Work-life Balance.

 Do you feel like your professional life and personal life are always fighting with each other?  Is taking time for yourself something that is on your to-do list but rarely ever gets crossed off?  If so you are like millions of Americans trying to balance the different aspects of their lives.  Doing this can be difficult but there is good news: achieving work-life balance can be done!  During this presentation Paul will:

  • Define work-life balance, work-life boundaries and some key concepts around it
  • Highlight  the key research in this area and more importantly,  how it can apply to your organization
  • Provide practical strategies for both managers and employees that will enhance work-life balance in their workplace

In an era where demographics and dynamics are changing, a presentation like this is essential in helping organizations and employees improve their lives.   By understanding positive work-life initiatives, organizations can:

  • Increase employee retention (and thus decrease costly employee turnover)
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase company loyalty
  • Increase morale
  • Decrease health issues related to work-based stress and exhaustion.

With results like that, you can’t afford NOT to view this presentation.  To get a taste of Paul’s thoughts on work-life balance and leadership visit his

“The Spork Principle:” A survival guide to working in the small college (or business) work environment.”

Ever been the head of a department of one?  Has your head sported multiple hats?  If the answer is yes then Paul has also felt your pain.   Paul spent several years working at small, private liberal arts colleges.  Before that he was a special education teacher in a high needs school that did not have the infrastructure to meet student needs.  Growing up Paul worked for the family business: a small company that struggled to fight the giants in the industry.  Even when working for a major state university with over 40,000 students, Paul still found himself working for a department 1/4 the size of comparable institutions.  In other words: Being understaffed and outgunned is something Paul is used to but in every case he was able to succeed.  It isn’t easy but during the course of this presentation Paul will take you through his principles of success!  As an added bonus Paul will tell you how to keep your sanity as well.

*Note this program can be catered to student organizations as well.  It was recently presented at the Association for Fraternal Leadership and Values Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

Unleash Your Message: How YOU Can Be a Powerful Public Speaker

Do you dread speaking in front of a crowd? Does putting together a presentation seem like a punishment rather than an opportunity?  Are you looking for ways to become a more complete presenter? Unleash Your Message will cover the basic tips, tricks, and drills that can elevate your public speaking skills.  Learn how to make your message come to life and stick in the audience’s mind in a light hearted format.

You will learn:

  • How to find your core message and construct your speech around it
  • Effective ways to begin and end any presentation
  • 3 key strategies to make your presentations memorable

Varsity Recruitment: How to Bring Quality Members to Your Organization Using College Recruitment Techniques. 

Paul Artale has been a university administrator for ten years having worked in athletics, career services, fraternity and sorority life, and residence life.  Recruiting quality and lifelong members to strengthen organizations has always been at the forefront of Paul’s work.  This isn’t just rhetoric.  Paul applied these principles to his struggling community organization and helped bring them from near death to the national club awards.    From tracking prospects to conducting national recruitment initiatives with a limited budget to having frank and honest conversations with prospects, Paul will share what can be learned and applied from these areas in order to bring success to your organization.  Specifically program participants will:

  • Learn key strategies that can be used to attract prospective members
  • Identify simple self-assessment methods
  • Understand how to create a dynamic, organization wide recruitment culture.

“With the Help of My Brothers.” 

Fraternity life was nothing like Paul imagined it to be.   During recruitment time there was lots of talk about the benefits of brotherhood and the impact it had on lives.  Soon after joining Delta Tau Delta fraternity Paul witnessed this first hand at a ropes course.  Never in his life was he able to climb or swing on a rope.  With three fingers on each hand, it was very difficult.  Paul’s brothers, however, would not let him use that as an excuse. What followed was an incredible and memorable experience.  More importantly, Paul truly  learned how the fraternity could make him a better man beyond the organizational experience that came with holding office.   This talk uses that experience to demonstrate how fraternity can have a positive lifelong impact on the individual.  This speech is perfect for New Member Orientation or for a Greek Week/mainstage Greek Presentation.  The essence of this presentation can be found by listening to the audio track “Give Thanks, Give Back” or by viewing the video “With the Help of My Brothers” given at Ignite Fraternity 3.


As an accomplished speaker Paul Artale can help you overcome your fear of speaking, teach you speech mechanics, and give you an abundance of tips, tricks, and drills that will make your presentations stronger and more dynamic.  Paul’s training camps are dynamic and interactive. For more information on Paul’s Speech and Presentation Coaching visit: