Overcoming Adversity

12/21/2011 – It‭’‬s a State of Mind:‭  ‬Lessons on Overcoming Adversity from the Muppets‭!  ‬Yep,‭ ‬those Muppets‭!

“They‭’‬re not quite mops,‭ ‬they‭’‬re not quite puppets but man are they funny.‭”‬  -‭ ‬Homer Jay Simpson.

Like many people from my generation,‭ ‬I grew up adoring the Muppets.‭  ‬They were cute,‭ ‬they were funny,‭ ‬and they could put together one heck of a variety show.‭  ‬The celebrity guests were a really cool bonus.‭

Every Holiday season my wife and I rewatch many childhood classics:‭ ‬among them are a Muppet Christmas Carol and a Muppet Christmas.‭  ‬Both are awesome in their own way and for us,‭ ‬anyway,‭ ‬have a rewatchable charm that many childhood films do not.‭  ‬But alas,‭ ‬this is not a film review.‭  ‬There are tons of those out there and I am by no means an expert on these awesome creations.‭  ‬No,‭ ‬this is a brief review of Muppetism.‭ ‬A simple but powerful ideology that (in my opinion) stresses four principles:‭ ‬Teamwork,‭ ‬Diversity,‭ ‬Fun and Attitude. [READ MORE]

11/04/2011- The Road to Speakerdom

Believe it or not there was a time in my life when I was terrified of public speaking.  Granted, fourth grade was a long time ago but I still find it ironic that the once shy and scared little boy who hated the annual speech project has set course on a career as professional speaker.  I remember the topic of that first speech: roads.  While it may not sound overly entertaining let me assure you that I got two standing ovations and the mayoral medal in public speaking that year.  Or maybe I got a C….I will let you decide what is truth on that one. [READ MORE]

10/28/2011 – Kanku Dai

I have studied martial arts off and on for fifteen years.   There have been breaks in between as my life has taken me all over North America.   I have been out of formal training for a year now since my doctoral and work schedules made it extremely difficult to train on any sort of formal basis.  Over the past few weeks I have decided to resume my training.  For the time being I am doing this on my own but it looks like *knock on wood* that I will have the time to enroll with the karate club at Michigan State University. I want to start competing again so this is key for me. [READ MORE]