About Paul Artale

Paul Artale (PhD) is an award winning motivational speaker, author, researcher, and leadership trainer.  Paul’s speeches are high energy, high impact, and highly entertaining.    Paul’s stories challenge and inspire others to breakthrough challenges and be their best selves.

Paul has inspired audience members at conferences for multiple organizations and companies such as Google, Ford, Business Insurance, HR Tampa, and MB Financial.  He has also spoken to several educational institutions and associations such as the University of Michigan, Illinois State University, Washtenaw Community College, Washtenaw Intermediate School District, the Association for Non-Traditional Students, and the Michigan State Financial Aid Association. 

Paul’s Story 

Paul’s story can be summed up with two simple words:  Hit Hard!
Born with what some would call a physical disability, most thought Paul was crazy for dreaming of playing college football- even after he was cut from his high school team.   Paul never gave up hope and six years later found himself playing defensive end for the University of Toronto.  From that moment forward Paul promised himself he would always relentlessly pursue his dreams.
Paul’s blends his experiences regarding his “disability,” twenty years of leadership and management training, student-athlete development, and fatherhood with his research and expertise in organizational performance to create inspiring messages that challenge participants to break through their barriers and achieve peak performance.
Paul is the epitome of resilience, drive, continuous self-development and success.   Paul is committed to helping people living their best lives and which is detailed in his book, “The 2-Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance” which can be purchased at Amazon.com