Who am I and Why Do I Love to Help Others?

My name is Paul Artale and I help people and organizations break barriers and achieve their goals.  I was born with short forearms and missing fingers on my left and right hands.  I was no strangers to challenges.   I spent much of my youth in hospitals undergoing surgeries to improve my hands.  As  I child I  was blessed to be raised around people who challenged me to push my limits and never accept a second rate life Those experiences are what gave my the resilience and grit he needed to achieve my dream of playing college football for the University of Toronto.

My Football Story in 115 Words


I was cut from my high school team but found myself playing defensive end for the University of Toronto six years later.  It was incredible to be playing on fields and stadiums I watched as a child.   At seasons end I was given the Bennett Award by my teammates, which was awarded to the player who in the opinion of his teammates had overcome the most obstacles.  After playing I stayed on at University of Toronto as a defensive intern before pursuing my dream of coaching college football.  I coached in the NAIA for several years, rose to become Special Teams Coordinator at University of Saint Mary (KS) and was named as defensive line coach at the NAIA all-star game.

 Work-Life Balance


I am currently a PhD Candidate in Higher Education with a focus on Human Resource Management at Michigan State University.  I focus on how work-life initiatives and awareness improves employee retention, satisfaction, and performance.  As a researcher my work has twice earned me the Wilson Award at MSU for excellence in human resource research.  My thoughts on work-life have led to magazine articles, interviews on podcasts, and most recently given a published chapter in the book Beyond the Pride and the Privilege: Stories of Doctoral Students and Work Life Balance.    On October 1 will release my first book “the 2-Year-Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance.”

Student Affairs/College Administration

I have over 15 years of experience in student affairs and have worked at all institution types (small private colleges to major research I universities).   I have worked in multiple aspects of college administration including residence life, athletics, career services, academic success, judicial affairs, Fraternity and Sorority Life, graduate student services, advising organizations, and leadership development.  I believe passionately in the value student affairs brings to a student’s experience.   Student Affairs is part of the formula to student success and should be treated as such.

16 Random Facts About Me

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  1. Despite all my achievements and love of speaking, my greatest achievements and love are with my son Alessio (3) and daughter Sofia (2).
  2. I met my wife Sherri while coaching football in Leavenworth, KS.  I literally owe all I have in life to football.
  3. I was an extra in the film Blue Brothers 2000.  Dan Akroyd gave me a towel….which belonged to a hotel.  True story.
  4. I hold a 3rd degree brown belt in Shotokan Karate.  I am on my way to finishing and getting my black belt.
  5. I am a musical theater nerd.
  6. I spoke Italian before I spoke English.   I also speak French….terribly.
  7. I am a Toronto boy at heart but didn’t start rooting for any Toronto teams until I moved to the United States.  I guess it’s how I deal with home sickness.
  8. I am a Civil War buff and at one point used to be a re-enactor.
  9. My son Alessio is co-authoring my first book.
  10. I am a professional wrestling fan.  There, I said it!
  11. I am a proud brother of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity.
  12. I am a a huge Karate Kid fan and have photos of me doing crane kicks in all sorts of crazy places.
  13. My reward for finishing my PhD will be enrolling in the Second City’s Sketch Comedy Writing Class.
  14. Tortellini are my my favorite food.   I can eat them with anything…..and I do.
  15. I met Mr. T when I was a child.  I touched his golden ring and he did not pity this fool.
  16. I donate my time to a great charity called Nubabiity Athletics.  It is a charity that helps limb different children learn to play (and improve in) competitive sports.  All the coaches are limb different as well.