Paul Artale / Inspirational Speaker
Paul Artale / Inspirational Speaker


Dr. Paul Artale is an award-winning motivational speaker, author, researcher, and leadership trainer. Paul’s speeches are high energy, high impact, and highly entertaining. Paul’s stories challenge and inspire others to break through challenges and to exceed their potential. Born with what some would see as a physical disability, Paul’s talks are rooted in his experience both as a collegiate athlete and scholar.

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Paul has led keynotes, workshops and webinars for
many associations and companies, including:

Partial Client List ~ Paul Artale, PhD

“Paul was a great motivational speaker at our recent annual meeting. His presentation style was informal, yet crisp and focused on the content. He was able to share stories which conveyed his expertise and helped the audience connect with the concepts. His presentation was creative and fun, yet full of valuable insight.

Gwen Day
Past President, ATD Lansing


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