I help leaders and organizations overcome their challenges and accomplish their goals.

paul-artale-8 I have been motivating and training leaders for over 15 years in education (K-12, higher education, education administration, student leadership), business, community associations, and non-profit groups.  My programs and expertise focus on these areas:

Work-Life Balance: Do you need to learn how to bring better harmony between your personal and professional worlds?

Resilience: Do you want to know how to stick through difficult times?  Do you want to know how to persist in the face of adversity?

Identity Based Leadership: do you know who you are and what your leadership strengths are?  Do you know how your identities intersect and impact your leadership potential?  Do you know how to use those strengths to improve your performance, career-prospects, and Team Management capabilities?


About Me 

Despite being born with a physical challenge, I overcame adversity to play defensive end for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues.  My playing career quickly turned into a college coaching career that took me across North America as I lived my dream.

My signature keynote Hit Hard” 3 Steps to Maximizing Opportunity and Overcoming Challenges” has been delivered to thousands of attendees.  I use my life in football as a watch of teaching others to build resilience and persist to their goals.

I have taken the lessons learned in football and applied them to my work-life research.  My work focuses on the benefits of flexible work options, dealing with organizational change, and advocating for a good work-life fit.  I have been featured in Perspectives and Campus Programs magazines and written for several newsletters.  In April, I am proud to announce the launching of my first book: “The 2-Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance.”